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March 23 2017

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We’re nine episodes into Iron Fist, and it’s been screamingly evident for eight of them that the real star of the series is Madame Gao. In fact, I submit that the series should have actually been about her, because a series about an old woman’s multilevel marketing business being interrupted by a tattooed hipster who lectures everyone about authenticity would be something new for the superhero genre.
Live, Laugh And Love With The Wisdom Of Iron Fist’s Madame Gao

March 22 2017

People in my general field talk a lot about impostor syndrome. Part of that is down to the fact that some people will never be invited in to the place where they assume all The Others are.  So you make your own, and then you realise, down the line, that you’re not part of it, just the idiot who runs it.
On Members Clubs And Impostors

Self-Knowledge Questionnaire















Tag reblogs with what you got.

Independence, sensitivity and orderliness.

Independence, reverence, neediness

Sensitivity, exhibitionism, defensiveness

Reverence, Independence, Sensitivity

reverence, independence, and orderliness

Reverence, Independence, Sensitivity

independence, sensitivity, playfulness

tenderness, reverence, orderliness

Rationality, reverence, sensitivity

rationality, aggression, playfulness

Reverence, shyness and sensitivity

rationality, aggression, sensitivity

Rationality, sensitivity, orderliness

I tried to do that, because… eh. Nothing better to do. But very often none of the answers was appropriate to me.

I mean - this happened a lot and what usually went through my mind was “Eh, whatever. I wonder what’s for lunch?”





Years ago, you promised your firstborn to a witch. Since then, despite your best efforts, you can’t seem to get laid. The witch is starting to get pretty pissed.

Y’all get together to discuss your options and she starts coaching you on how to get men because she doesn’t want to waste more magic on you without promise of payment. The more time you guys spend together the more you realize you have a bit of a crush on her. Soon you’re sabotaging your dates on purpose to see her again. 

Long story short you fall in love and get married and do the sperm donor thing AND YOUR FIRSTBORN IS HERS BY DEFAULT and you live happily ever after. The end.

Baby cries in the middle of the night

Witch: Ughhhhh. It’s your turn.

You: You bought it. You handle it.

That is what I call a fairy tale ending.

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March 21 2017

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Kestrel taking a dust bath

It’s not just little birds like that like dust baths - even majestic birds like raptors enjoy getting down and dirty too! Dust baths help birds stay clean, since the dust can penetrate the feathers and get through to the skin to slough off debris, and some studies suggest that it also may be used by the bird to regulate the amount of body oil that accumulates on their feathers. 

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